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Title: 1st Floor Auction
Sale number: 1
First Day: 27-Nov-2018
Last Day: 27-Nov-2018
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ARTORIA is focused on expertise, sale and purchase of autographs, manuscripts, and rare books.

We offer our services to international customers, as passionate as we are by historical writings. A living memory of our History and the testimony of the illustrious men who crossed it, writing preserves the richness of our heritage be it historical, artistic, or scientific.

If you wish to offer for sale all or part of your collection, we are at your disposal to study, in complete confidentiality and in the defense of your interests, the most adequate way to achieve your goals.

Through our regular sales, set in Geneva in partnership with the David Feldman auction house, world leader specialized in stamps collecting, or through a cash purchase, we will be available to provide you custom service.

For our 2019 sales we are at your disposal to include any quality consignment.

Feel free to contact us at anytime!

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