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Upcoming Sales
Harmer-Schau - APS Summer Show Columbus, Ohio
Date: 09-Aug-2018 to 12-Aug-2018
No pre-bidding
Live bidding
Paul-Francis Jacquier
Paul-Francis Jacquier - Auction 44 & 45 - Ancient Coins & Numismatic Literature
Date: 13-Sep-2018 to 14-Sep-2018
Pre-sale bidding
Live bidding
Tradart - Vente aux Enchères No 22 / Auction 22
Date: 17-Oct-2018
Pre-sale bidding
Live bidding

Recently Closed Sales
NUMISMÁTICA LEILÕES NUMISMÁTICA LEILÕES - Auction XXIX in Lisbon - Portuguese, Former colonies and World coins and paper money
Date: 12-Jul-2018
Numisma Leilões Numisma Leilões - Auction 114 in Lisbon / Leilão # 114 in Lisboa
Date: 05-Jul-2018
H D Rauch Auctions H D Rauch Auctions - Ordensauktion 2018
Date: 26-Jun-2018
H D Rauch Auctions H D Rauch Auctions - 27th e-Live Auction
Date: 21-Jun-2018
WGI - Warin Global Investment WGI - Warin Global Investment - E-Auction 13 On-Line
Date: 21-Jun-2018
Interasia Interasia - Auctions 68 - 71 in Hong Kong
Date: 16-Jun-2018
Golden Lion Auctions Golden Lion Auctions - E-Auction 02 On-Line
Date: 16-Jun-2018
David Feldman David Feldman - Spring Auction - 2018
Date: 11-Jun-2018
Numismatik Lanz Numismatik Lanz - Auktion 166 :: 11 June 2018
Date: 11-Jun-2018
Dutch Numismatic Auction Dutch Numismatic Auction - E-Auction 01 On-Line
Date: 10-Jun-2018
Date: 07-Jun-2018
Mayfair Philatelic Auctions Mayfair Philatelic Auctions - Second auction: June 6-7, 2018
Date: 06-Jun-2018
Pannonia Terra Numismatika Pannonia Terra Numismatika - 46th Coin Auction
Date: 26-May-2018
Monnaies d'Antan Monnaies d'Antan - Auction 23 in Brussels
Date: 19-May-2018
Diamantino Leilões Diamantino Leilões - Auction 05 in Lisbon - Unsold Items
Date: 14-May-2018
NUMISMÁTICA LEILÕES NUMISMÁTICA LEILÕES - Auction XXVIII in Lisbon - Notas de Portugal e Colónias - Colecção Emporium
Date: 14-May-2018
Harmer-Schau Harmer-Schau - Sale 116 - Pipex Stamp Show - May 13th 2018
Date: 13-May-2018
Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger - Auktion 338-340
Date: 11-May-2018
H D Rauch Auctions H D Rauch Auctions - 106th Coin Auction - Unsolds Available
Date: 11-Apr-2018
Golden Lion Auctions Golden Lion Auctions - E-Auction 01 On-Line
Date: 05-May-2018
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