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Title: Auction 44 On-Line
Sale number: 44
First Day: 16-Apr-2024
Last Day: 16-Apr-2024
Results Now Available Download Prices Realised : PDF

Sale information

Auction 44 on Tuesday April 16, 2024
(16:00 Luxembourg, 07:00am California, 10:00am New York time).

0% Buyer's Premium 

Pre-Bids close 3 hours before the auction starts.

262 lots of US Gold Coins PCGS Certified with CAC Sticker

Who is CAC and what is CAC sticker?
CAC is an independent company who gives more details on the US coins graded by PCGS/NGC. In order to recognize a CAC approved coin there is a  specific sticker on the slab. CAC sticker is now recognized worldwide.

How does CAC determines the coin quality?
For coins with the same grade, there can be different levels of quality. CAC certifies that the coin is in the highest quality for the grade. A particularly nice patina or a strong eye-appeal are also important to obtain the sticker.

That’s why a CAC sticker gives a real added-value to a coin.

The Auction is in EUR

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