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Terms and Conditions
Standard Terms

This service is operated by Redpoint Consulting Limited.

The services provided by Redpoint Consulting Limited ("Redpoint") through the Website ("Service" or "Services") and the use of the Website are governed by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). By accessing or using the Services or the Website or by registering as a bidder ("Bidder" or "User"), you agree that

  1. You have read the Terms and Conditions,
  2. You understand the Terms and Conditions, and
  3. Your use of the Services and the Website will be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you may not access or use the Services or the Website.

The Terms and Conditions together with any additional terms and conditions specific to a particular auction constitute the entire agreement (the "Agreement") between Redpoint and User  and replace any earlier version of the Terms and Conditions.

Redpoint may amend  the Terms and Conditions at any time, at Redpoint's sole discretion, without notice. Any amendment of the Terms and Conditions will be displayed on the Website.  Use of the Services and the Website constitutes an acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.

Role of Redpoint.

Redpoint provides the Services and the Website only as a service for auctioneers ("Sellers") who offer for sale items and Bidders may may bid these items. Redpoint is neither a principal with interest in the transactions, nor an agent of Bidder or Seller. Redpoint does not make, and should not be construed as having made, any representation or warranty of any kind concerning any of the offered assets or offerings, including without limitation any representation or warranty regarding the quality, safety or legality of the offered assets, or the truth or accuracy of any offerings.

Redpoint makes no representation or warranty of any kind as to the ability of either Bidder or Seller to complete a sale in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or otherwise, and in accordance with any additional terms and conditions specific to a particular auction.

Redpoint does not have the power to transfer title of any assets offered by Sellers.

Redpoint may at its sole discretion to block any User who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any dispute regarding any transaction conducted through use of the Services or the Website the User hereby releases Redpoint, its partners and subsidiaries, and their respective directors, employees, agents and successors in title and each of the foregoing, from any and all manner of action or claim  and from any and all losses, damages, costs or expenses, including without limitation court costs and legal fees, which User may have against the Released Parties.

In particular, Redpoint shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or cost or expense arising from the use of the Service, or in Redpoints' failure to provide The Service. The Service is not guaranteed to be error free or to be available at any time.

Auction House Terms

Auction Terms & Conditions.

The following terms and conditions will apply to this auction:

·      All estimates are in EURO. The opening bids will be the Starting Price or 80% of the estimate unless there are existing higher bids.

·      There will be a 15% Buyer’s Fee added to the hammer price. This includes BTW (= VAT).

·      VAT is due on the Buyer’s Fee only, not the hammer price.

·      The auctioneer guarantees the absolute authenticity of any and all coins sold. There is no expiration to this guarantee. Any coins subsequently found to be not authentic will be exchanged for a full refund of the purchase price. The burden of proof lies with the buyer. In case of a dispute on the authenticity of a coin between the buyer and the auctionhouse, only a ruling from the IAPN will be accepted.

·      Bidders who have inspected the lots prior to the auction, will not be granted any return privileges.

·      Absentee bids submitted by any other means than the DutchNumismaticAuction website should be received by 22 :00 on the day before the auction. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that bids have been received by DutchNumismaticAuction.

·      All grades and descriptions are the opinion of the cataloguer. Conditions of all lots are as per the photographs displayed on the DutchNumismaticAuction website; condition reports are available upon request. It is not possible to note all marks or defects, and thus customers are encouraged to carefully examine all lots that they are interested in bidding on. Bids, once placed, are final and will not be rescinded. If, however, the attribution is found to be incorrect, the item is returnable within 14 days after the sale. No other returns will be accepted except on the grounds of non-authenticity. All prospective bidders who exercise the opportunity to examine lots in hand shall assume all responsibility for any damage they cause in so doing. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the value of the damage caused, which shall be promptly paid by the prospective bidder.

·      The auctioneer will have absolute discretion to accept or decline any bid, withdraw lots from sale at any time until such point as the buyer takes physical possession, re-open any lot, even after the hammer has fallen, in which a bidding error has occurred, and to determine in the event of a dispute, the final winner of a lot or to rescind the sale and put the lot up for sale again.

·      Some lots may carry a reserve. The auctioneer reserves the right not to sell an item below the confidential price, or will repurchase the item on behalf of the consignor or for the account of DutchNumismaticAuction. If a reserve exists the auctioneer reserves the right to bid on any lot on behalf of the consignor up to the amount of the reserve against any floor, internet or mail bidders. The auctioneer also reserves the right to bid on any lot on behalf of DutchNumismaticAuction.

·      Only by DutchNumismaticAuction registered bidders can take part in the auction. Bidders must register at least two days before the start of the auction, lest DutchNumismaticAuction can verify their references.

·      Bidders who do not have established credit with DutchNumismaticAuction must furnish credit information including at least two satisfactory references. DutchNumismaticAuction is allowed to ask for a 25?posit of the bidding credit beforehand. This deposit will be put towards the succesful bids, any remainder will be refunded.

·      For the protection of mail or absentee bidders, no ‘unlimited’ or ‘buy’ bids will be accepted. When identical bids are received for the same lot, preference will be given to the bid received first. A mail bid will take preference over a floor bid.

·      The auction is conducted in euros. The succesfull bidder has committed himself personally to the purchase made and cannot claim to have acted on behalf of a third party.

·      Title of the goods remains with the owner until such time as the customer has paid in full. DutchNumismaticAuction reserves the right to deem the sale incomplete and to resell the goods and the bidder agrees to pay for the reasonable cost of such a sale. The bidder is also responsible for the difference between the original sale and the resale should the last one result in a lower hammerprice.

·      Invoices are due immediately upon receipt. After one month DutchNumismaticAuction reserves the right to charge interest on unpaid invoices at the rate of 2% per calendar month, except where prior agreement has been made with regards to payment arrangements.

·      The customer is responsible for paying all bank charges, shipping and insurance costs.

·      DutchNumismaticAuction is not responsible for any missed lots or bids due to network speed or down-time or due to any misunderstanding on the part of the bidder.

·      By making a bid the customer agrees to the above terms and conditions and accepts to be bound by them. These conditions shall take effect and be construed in accordance with the provisions of Dutch Law.

·      Dutch law is applicable. Any disputes will be settled before a Dutch court.



Any coins in this sale that fall under US and German import restrictions but may still be legally imported into the US/Germany are accompanied by documentation proving that they were outside of the source country prior to the effective date, or are accompanied by a valid export certificate issued by the country of origin, and/or are contractually attested by the consignor as being legally eligible for import into the US/Germany and/or are accompanied by a Dutch export certificate. Be aware that obtaining these papers may delay shipping.

Any coins subject to US/German import restrictions that may not lawfully be imported will be clearly indicated as such with the note: ‘not suitable for US/German market’.

DutchNumismaticAuction will make every effort to ensure that import restrictions affect our clients as little as possible, and will carry out all necessary importations and procedures as required on behalf of the client. 



  • Shipping is at the buyer’s risk.
  • All shipping charges will be borne by the buyer of the goods. Instructions must be given in time. The goods are shipped in accordance to the postal regulations or by special service if wanted by the client or the insurance company.
  • Delivery is made to the address provided by the customer. The risk is transferred as soon as the merchandise is delivered to the customer or its assignee. If the address is a post-office box, Dutch Numismatic Auction takes no liability for any damages or losses. The customer must examine the merchandise packaging immediately upon its receipt in order to determine whether there is any damage, evidence of which must be noted on the accompanying shipping documents or photographed. Next Dutch Numismatic Auction has to be notified immediately. If the customer doesn’t receive the sent goods, any claim by the customer has to be made within one month of receiving the tracking information from Dutch Numismatic Auction. Tracking information is sent to the email address provided by the customer, binding is the send-date of this email sent by Dutch Numismatic Auction.


  • Payments must be made in euros to the full amount of the invoice. Our banking details are:

Rabobank Regio Schiphol

Polarisavenue 150

2132JX  Hoofddorp

IBAN: NL72 RABO 0327762632

BIC/swift code: RABONL2U

  • For payments by Paypal, contact DutchNumismaticAuction.
  • US dolar cheques drawn on an American bank and Euro cheques are accepted with the proviso that the bankcosts for handling are added to the amount of the invoice.


Dutch Numismatic Auction is part of Agora Numismatiek, registered under KvK no. 53794486

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