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Title: Autumn Specialised Sale
Sale number: 220
First Day: 27-Oct-2020
Last Day: 28-Oct-2020
Advance information

Specialised Auction Series

October 27-28, 2020 – 59 route de Chancy, building D., 3rd Floor, 1213 Petit-Lancy, Switzerland

We will offer 3 specialised catalogues of:

    • Egypt, the third part of the J. Chalhoub Collection –  The classic postal history period with the first part of the Foreign Post Offices and Egypt Post Offices Abroad. Over 280 lots, including some of the most important covers of these two fascinating collecting areas.
    • Mauritius, the second part of the Tatiana Collection, whether Post Paid, Lapirot, Sherwin or Dardenne, there are superb unused and used singles, many important multiples, plate reconstructions, plate and printing errors, and a vast array of covers with single, multiple and a particularly fine and extensive array of combination frankings throughout.
    • Olympic Memorabilia and Philately, with over 1’100 lots, including material from a collection of Pierre de Coubertin, 1896 and 1906 Athens with many rare and showpiece items for the connoisseur, 1912 Stockholm with a large selection of the rare STADION cancels, 1924 Paris with a range of the attractive and collectable proofs, specialised football related items (Olympic and World Cup), plus participation medals, torches, posters and other memorabilia, as well as many collections and accumulations.
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