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Title: Auction 11 - Online
Sale number: 11
First Day: 14-Jun-2017
Last Day: 14-Jun-2017
Advance information


Pre-bids are bids placed prior to the auction. They will be defended by the auctioneer during the live auction session against the room bidders, the live bidders and the phone bidders.
You are invited to enter your maximum bid. Your first bid will be the start price plus a bid step* and will then be increased up to your maximum against other bidders or the reserve, if any. Pre-bids must be placed at least 3 hours before the live auction start.
There are many options when it comes to placing pre-bids, here is the complete list:

  • On
    You must be registered on our website to place pre-bids. The registration takes place on the My Account page and only takes a few seconds. When you have completed the registration process, please go to our Auctions page where you can find links to browse our upcoming auctions and place bids on any available lot.
  • On Auction portal
    We currently post our auctions to Sixbid and NumisBids. Please refer to their FAQ for instructions on how to place bids.
  • By e-mail
    You can always use the contact form on our website or email to place your bids.
  • By phone
    You can call +41 22 735 92 55 during office hours and leave your bids with our staff.
  • By fax
    Fax your bids to +41 22 735 92 56.
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